Welcome to Plantation Pharmacy!

Deborah DaPore began her career as a Pharmacist at the B&G Drugstore in Findlay, Ohio. The B&G drug store was the only pharmacy in northwest Ohio that not only filled prescriptions but did compounding, serviced nursing homes and had an extensive inventory of ostomy supplies, compression stockings and mastectomy prosthetics. Deb was trained in all of these areas and worked with four other Pharmacists attending to all of the needs of the community. Upon moving to Charleston, she could not find work in a Pharmacy that provided these services and after working for a chain drug store for ten years, she decided to open her own.

Plantation Pharmacy was opened January 17, 2005. Today, Plantation Pharmacy has two stores, which strive to incorporate the skills of traditional pharmacy with the fast changing demands of our health care system. Each store has a staff who are not only knowledgeable, but love what they do and who know their clientele by name. The environment is friendly, and we truly care about the healthcare of our customers. If you haven't visited one of our stores yet, come on in and see what you're missing.


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